Our Program

Our program is made possible through the generous contributions of time, expertise and funding from our amazing volunteers, sponsors and donors.

The unique aspect of our program is that it is absolutely free of charge. We believe everyone in need deserves this opportunity regardless of his or her economic state. The visitors to our farm simply need to get there and we will do the rest. The only requirement we ask of the children and families who visit is that they have an open heart and desire to be there.

Each child will be assessed and a program will be designed specific to their needs and backgrounds. Upon the first visit, a leader will meet with the child to discover what program will fit the child’s abilities and desires. This can take up to two visits to get a full understanding of the child’s needs.

Bo and young kiddo

Our program will pair one child, one horse and one leader for each session. The session will consist of spending 90 minutes taking care of and riding a horse while also working on a farm chore. If a child is not experienced in horse riding, we will not hurry the process of getting the child up onto a horse simply because they want to ride. So much can be learned and experienced on the ground through knowledge, communication, and bonding with a horse. A parent or guardian is required to accompany children at all sessions, and safety concerns and rules will be reviewed at each session.

Our philosophy is not about teaching children to become professional riders; it is about letting them share in the care of a horse and responsibility of a farm chore while having fun and feeling accepted. All who visit Madison Grove, children ages 7 to adult, will learn through hands-on experience. Safety is our primary concern; therefore, our program is designed to take the steps necessary to develop the knowledge and awareness of working safely and carefully on the farm.

Horses in our program have a story of their own! Some of them have been rescued from their own challenges in life and need the children’s care and love. The horses, in turn, will serve the children by offering unconditional love and a listening ear. These are animals that listen without interjection, opinion or judgment. They do not see ugly, pretty, abuse, neglect, divorce, loss, and/or low self esteem; rather they only see a person’s heart. As each child works with their leader and horse, they learn about themselves. A sense of accomplishment and empowerment is discovered and our goal is that this will enable them to open their hearts and minds to new possibilities in their lives.

Dakota and young kiddo

This is only an overview of our program. Please understand the sessions are flexible, allowing time spent to best serve the specific needs of the children. Each child will be nurtured by a leader who will be compassionate and share in their individual story, tears, accomplishments and joy. Our deepest desire is that the horses and children we serve will experience restoration of their heart, mind, soul and strength.